Starting Point

I’m constantly thinking about new projects and slowly working on the ones I’ve started.  I would like to share the issues I work through and the new things I learn while working on these projects.  You’ll be able to learn from my posts, and we can get into a discussion that will help all of us further our understanding of the topics.  We all know that the internet is a great resource, and I’d like to contribute to it in my little way.

Possible new posts coming up:

  • Demosaicing raw images
  • Fuji s7000 camera raw image file format with a Java image reader
  • Image Processing: Filters, Histograms, Masks, Brushes
  • JUnit testing
  • Java image and file browser with support for dynamic thumbnail sizes
  • Java image viewer with zooming
  • Fonts and custom text in Java
  • My decision process for choosing a file format for my image and document reader
  • Biking in Minnesota
  • My art from grade school. Why did they not tell me to press harder on the crayons and color pencils?
  • Book reviews. 
  • Yes, and there will be more — when I get my thoughts and notes in order!

I’m sure I will find much more than the above to write about, and since posts will be detailed there will be multiple posts about each topic.  I hope the things I write about will help some of you.  I’ll be growing in my understanding of these topics as time passes, just like you did or are.  Please point out my trouble-spots, and how I can fix them, and what I should read to get better understanding of the topic.  Let’s help each other learn here.

Let me know if any of the above topics strike your fancy.  If you put a legit email in for your comment I’ll try and let you know personally when I post about the topic.

Out for now,  have a great end of the week!

-Adam J. Bavier