Long Walk To the Park and Saint Paul

I headed out around four in hopes of catching the sunset at the Lilydale Regional Park and possibly take pictures of the ice falls if they are nicely lit. The sunset was interesting at the bottom of the cliff. Yes, I just descended to the bottom using a very long slippery trail that some of the park users have decided to turn into a super long sliding hill and now needed to get back up. Oh look a really cool looking railroad bridge that needs to be checked out!

Omaha Road Bridge No 15

As long as I’m at the bottom of the cliff I might as well check out the city at night, right? Yup.

Saint Paul Cathedral

I walked along the river for a ways until I came to the bike path that parallels the river. Even though my legs and feet were sore already at this point I made it up the stairs of the Wabasha Street bridge. It was time to head home now, since I still had about 2 miles. The trip ended up being around 7 miles in 5 hours. A lot longer than I planned.

The ice falls were there at the park. And they can be climbed with a permit. I’ll have to go back later and try to find a angle where they are lit. The park has a bunch of small streams that run from the top of the cliff down to the river, so there should be some good opportunities if I can manage to be good at scouting them out. There were more images were taken during this trip, and I’ll post them up later this week.