First Campout of the Year on the Border Route Trail

My first campout of the year was a trip up to the Border Route Trail in northern Minnesota. I went with Ed and Scott and we talked to Steve the forestry ranger about the tree harvesting which covered the trail, did tread work to define a trail up a small hill, and finally scouted out a half mile trail connecting a portage and another trail.

This hill used to be just a slope with long grass growing on it, and hikers had to just pick a place to walk through it. Now there is clearly a trail.
Border Route Trail Tread Work May 2010

Border Route Trail Camping May 2010

Small Tree on a Large Rock.

Sunset on the Border Route Trail

A Dipper over the Border Route Trail. This picture was created using about 20 pictures taken over 10 minutes.
A Dipper over the Border Route Trail