Wooden Bridge at Elm Creek Park Reserve

Wooden Bridge at Elm Creek Park Reserve by Adam Bavier

This wooden bridge crosses Elm Creek. The bridge is located in the Elm Creek Park Reserve and is part of the very extensive bike and hiking path system in the park. Cross-country ski trails cross over the bridge in the winter. I estimate that the bridge was built in early 2004 or late 2003. I have pictures from June 2004 of this bridge and a map of the park, and the bridge is not on the map at that time.

This bridge replaces the need to bike along Territorial Road, which is a very welcome relief and the trail system feels much more complete now. A few more benches and more garbage cans along the entire trail system would finish everything off well. Territorial Road has recently been shortened due to the Country Road 81 modifications. Now part of the bike trail over 81, that connects into Elm Creek Park Reserve, runs along the old Territorial Road location.

Location (I marked the location with a red star.):
Location of the Wooden Bridge at Elm Creek Park Reserve