Full Moon 10/22/2010

A full moon. We’ve seen many of them, and they come around every 29.5 days. Everything lined up last night for me to take a picture of the moon. Had my camera, tripod, remote shutter release and most importantly clear skies — as I’m writing this at 11:00PM there are clouds in the sky. I’m not sure if this is technically 100% full or not, if there are any readers who know a site that will tell me exactly what time the moon is 100% full(example, 4:31AM) when viewed from any specific location on Earth that would be excellent.

I’m proud of this shot. Best full moon photograph I’ve taken. As sharp as I could get it with my camera lens. Not washed out(all white) and not too dark. A higher zoom lens would be nice, but I don’t see one in my future(they get very expensive). The next thing to try for is to match it to the exact time it is 100% full at my location and preferably add another subject of interest — like a building — in the picture.

This shot was taken at 8:53PM from Minnesota. Click the image for a larger view.
October 22nd, 2010 Full Moon by Adam Bavier

Technical Details:
Nikon D300s, 70-300mm @ 300mm, ISO 200, 1/250s, F/8, 20:53:41.75