Small Inlet On Elm Creek

Elm Creek in Elm Creek Park Reserve twists and turns all over the place. I find that pretty cool. I went off trail and hiked over to the creek and took a few pictures. The creek has encroached on a few of the trees. Having not been at this location before, I can’t say if the creek is high or not for this time of the year.

The first picture below is looking towards the other side of a small inlet off the creek. The second is looking out from the inlet and up the creek. These pictures were taken a little ways north of where the creek crosses Elm Creek Road.

Looking across and inlet on Elm Creek

Looking out of the inlet.

Bing maps has a really cool bird’s eye view of this location; follow the link. Bing uses a bunch of different aerial imagery maps, so you can use the top navigation bar to circle around the location and also zoom in and out (you’ll have to check your house out with it!). This isn’t an ad, just found this feature again, and thought I’d share.

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