Maple Grove Water Tower Lit by Flash

I live near one of the two water towers in Maple Grove, MN, and it is a frequent photography subject of mine.   Click here to read about both of the water towers.

Today I ventured out in the unseasonably warm Minnesota weather and approached photographing the water tower in a different manner.  I used flash for the first time.  Specifically, three flashes located off camera to the right.  Look below the photo for more details.
Maple Grove, MN water tower lit by flash.  By Adam Bavier.
I used three flashes located off camera to the right. Two flashes were directly on the water tower operating at 100%, and one flash was lighting the grass at 25% power. A fourth on camera flash was used as a commander to trigger the other three flashes. This was mostly an experiment to see if I could light the whole thing. Taken at F/2.8, ISO 640, 1/2 second hand held. I used a longer exposure, so that a bit of color from the parking lot lights would creep in and make it not so stale looking and so that the clouds came out a bit.