Worldwide Pinhole Day 2012 – Few of My Photos

Found out it is Worldwide Pinhole Day today. Last year I found out one day late, this year I found out the same day, next year I’ll have a calendar entry!

Pinhole photos are taken with a camera looking through a small pinhole. Just like it sounds. There is no glass lens. I consider it pretty amazing that an image is still there. See my tutorial on making pinhole photos with a digital camera.

Today in Maple Grove, MN the sun is not out, and the weather is dreary and overcast. Not ideal conditions for pinhole photos. I like taking pinhole photos in early morning as the sun is coming up or at sunset. Nice strong golden sunlight from the side, a bunch of color, and an interesting subject, will make for good photos. Today, I ended up using my large speedlight flash. Held it off camera and a foot away from the subject. I needed as much light as possible, so I had it set on full power. Even with the flash at full power I needed ISO 800 with the flash 1 foot away. Nothing like getting blinded! Below you can see the first portrait pinhole photo I’ve ever taken.

My Worldwide Pinhole Day Photos for 2012:

Edit 4/30/12: My pinhole photo entry was accepted into the exhibition.

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