July 5th, GDMBR South, Day 4

Today was a short day of 23 miles from Elkford to Sparwood. Down highway 43, left at airport sign, then into Sparwood. Originally planned to do more, but decided to prioritize getting my blog up to date. 25 days is just too far behind and I’d like people to see the cool sites that I’m seeing daily.

Hopefully my journal entries provides some context. Wish I could put a map and things on the blog next to the articles, but that gets overly complicated and I’m not sure how many people really need that. Follow my Delorme inReach MapShare and you can see where I am, was,speed, and extra comments I make. You can even send me comments and encouragements. Password: bike Click here for the map.

Today I uploaded 3 more days of photos standing outside the pizza joint. Clouds were looking bad, so I headed off to put miles on before it starts raining. Never did train, but was cool enough to need an overcoat. Got into Sparwood and bought a veggie sub from Subway then sat outside the visitor center and finished my blog posts and get them published and visible. They changed their Internet setup since I last was here and it was quick enough to upload photos of July 2nd to the 5th. Weather is changing fast, I’ve had to put on a fleece jacket under my wind coat.

Still haven’t been to camp. This is the last post! Get to camp, setup the tent, wash some clothes and call it a night.

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