July 17th, Ovando Rest Day

Today was not about putting on miles. It was about seeing what bike routes went East and resting the body for a day.

I’m definitely headed East. Very tough decision. There are a lot of like minded friendly people biking the Great Divide route and I’m sad to leave the group.

Meet Anne P. today for the last time. We’ve been crossing paths the last week. She went on to Huckleberry pass this afternoon after buying me a soda at the cafe. She has done a handful of long distance touring and is a bit of an inspiration.

I’ll be taking the Lewis and Clarke trail to Dickinson, North Dakota. Depending on when I arrive there, I’ll ride the Maah Daah Hey trail, which is for sure a 5 day commitment if I don’t use a shuttle. Then I’ll jump onto the Northern Tier over to Fargo. From Fargo I’ll take my own route South preferring to take as many rail trails as possible.

A cool thing that happened today is that Kathy from The Angler store found me a scale to weigh myself. The gentleman over at the tire shop across mainstreet had one. I’ve lost nearly a pound a day. That is inline with my past bike tours. Now to keep biking for many more days.

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