7/20 Great Falls Planning and Rest Day

I should have been biking today. Don’t have a time constraint, but I just like being on the move.

Today I got a free Montana road map from the office. Wrote the campsites and whether the town had services on the map. Wish I had the Adventure Cycling (ACA) map. Would have saved a lot of time. I have their GPS route and services file. ACA labels the waypoints with a numbered name field then the important information in the description field. I have yet to find a gps program that makes it easy to see the information in the description field. At home I have a Java program I wrote to swap the fields. Wish I had it on the phone.

Early afternoon I called around to the bike stores about getting my spoke replaced. Their prices were reasonable, but they said I could get my bike back tomorrow evening at the earliest (one said 3 days from now). I decided to put the Fiberfix spoke in and ride with that. Aired up at a Holiday gas station, then ate at the Subway that shared the same building.

Sent my first WarmShowers request to a family. The site is about finding and offering hosting to bike touring people. The family lives in Lewistown. Would be a nice change of pace. Maybe hear about their bike tours. I read they also have pets. I miss my pets Dusky and Rosie at home, so pets are always good.

Late evening, I caught up on preparing my pictures for the blog. Tried uploading them, but the connection is too slow and most importantly unstable.

Need to get out of here quickly in the morning. Air up my front tire, grab a sub for lunch, then stop at the food store for some dinner to carry with. I’m assuming Stanford won’t have anything because it is a town of less than 500 people.

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