July 14th GDMBR South, Day 13

Today I biked 46 miles from Fatty Creek to the Holland Lake Forrest Service campsite.

I’m thoroughly worn out today. So much climbing. It was at a grade that I could bike it, but chugging along for that long and far is very tiresom.

Took a side detour to the Condon Mercantile to look for Heet alcohol for my stove. Glad to report they had a whole rack of it. I considered buying two twelve ounce bottles, but decided that would be overreacting. I bought a 5oz mixed lettuce package and some mixed frozen fruit and ate those for lunch sitting out front of the store. Try and get something healthy when I can.

Noticed that there was only about 4 tire tracks from Cold Creek heading south to the junction of highway 83. Rained last night wiping the slate clean, so those tracks were from today. What this means is that the 30 member Adventure Cycling group skipped this section. They camped in Condon last night and must not have wanted to back track north a handful of miles. I could have done similar, but the purest in me says I need to do the entire route sticking to the main or alternates. If I go off route for something I need to return to that point later.

I’m sitting here at 10:50pm cooking dinner as I write this. Think I got into camp at 9:45. Dinner is a pot of sweat onion, red lentils and a Cheddar Broccoli Knorr. I kind of sautéed the onion for 10 minutes, not expecting it to be fully soft. Then I added the water and other ingredients. I’d rather be sleeping, but I also really need to eat something that isn’t granola bars, almonds or raisins. Guess I won’t be waking till 8, so that I can get a full nights rest.

The trail tomorrow looks hard. 2500ft elevation gain up to Richmond Peak. The unknown is what the true climbing total is because the trail is always rolling. Looking at the topographic map on phone I noticed a 1000ft gain in 3/4 mile. I might be reading it wrong, but for sure I’ll be pushing my bike for awhile. Planning on making it the 35 miles to Seeley Lake. Any more is probably unrealistic since I’ll be leaving at 9:30, and I want to pick up food there also.

Well dinner tastes great. Need to go get on some warm pants and gloves, so I can finish reading this pot of food. Chilly this evening.

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