July 15th, GDMBR South, Day 14

Today was simply awesome. From Holland Lake up and around Richmond Peak then ending at a dispersed site 5 miles from Seeley Lake next to Morrell Creek. 26 miles total today.

Reminded me of the really scenic rides in the Canadian wilderness. Long ride up with great views all around then awesome potentially dangerous ride down with more great views that one can’t look at because you’re looking down at the path.

Had about 15 mile climb on good roads. Just rideable for me. Had to stop and walk for a bit because I was just exhausted. On these long climbs walking is the break period. Need to keep moving in some manner. I reached what looked like the top. Junction of 4 roads with a great view into the valleys.

From this junction I got onto a closed road barricaded by rocks. This closed road climbed more for about 2 miles and was old and washed out. Only could walk on the valley edge. Exciting and nerve wracking. I’m not afraid of heights, but was making sure to pay very close attention to the rocks and my footing when pushing my bike. There was one 30 foot section where 3/4 of the road slid down the cliff.

Eventually I rounded the mountain and began a great downhill on another very old road. Pine trees were growing in the middle between the car treads. This section was much longer than I was anticipating. Most of it was very tight and there were branches brushing both sides of me. Plenty of thrills on this downhill. Straight drops down into the valley, track that severely slopes to the side down the hill. I needed to walk a few sections. There was even a section that barely had room for me and the bike to walk. The track opened up a bit and I read treated to a bunch of drainage moguls made to help the water go downhill. Quick dip down then back up. Kind of fun, but got old after the 5th one.

Ending the night at a dispersed site by a stream. Other people have used this in the past. 10:15 now and I’m finishing up eating a bunch of oatmeal. Getting dark. Need to go get a flash light to clean up and hang my food bag. Wanted to cook some red lentils and Ramen also, but not enough time. This gigantic thing of oatmeal should do me ok for calories.

Starting to see my breath, so the temperature is dropping. Overall today was cool. Felt like a jacket was needed on the downhill run when in the shade. Actually on the uphill also. Certainly warmest right when I left camp at 12, then steadily dropped.

Headed for Ovando tomorrow. Depending on the timing I may push to get closer to Huckleberry pass.

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