July 16th, GDMBR South, Day 15

Today I biked 46 miles from Seeley Lake to Ovando. Staying in a teepee for $5 that the town has setup. Kind of a novel whimsical way to end a metally down day. Was greeted by Skip upon arriving. I think he has made it his job to great all us bikers and talk awhile.

The last handful of days I’ve not been my happy cheery self. Act it, but not feeling it inside.  I feel it gets down to the fact that the novelty of climbing multiple thousand foot passes while being overweight has now worn off after 25 days.

The weight is definitely coming off. I have a rollup sewing measuring strip, and I’m down a handful of inches on my chest, belly and waste. Meet two guys, Cam and Christian, in Ovando tonight that I saw 18 days ago in the provincial park and their first comment was, “You’ve lost a lot of weight.”  In Eureka I took a shower at the motel and when I looked in the mirror I thought it was bowed making me look thinner.  I’m sure the mirror was flat and not a fun house one.  I’m super happy I’m losing this weight.

Losing weight is my main goal this summer. I want to get down to a healthy “pinch an inch” weight and reduce my chance of developing diabetes or other costly medical problems. Biking the Great Divide and part of the Northern Tier before has been a means to accomplish my weightless goal.  The named dirt or paved route I take is not important. The only thing that is important is that I keep biking, and on days that I don’t bike I eat very conscientiously.

The Great Divide has more than proven to me to be a super route. Great sights to see, wonderful towns, giant mountains free campsites everywhere, friendly people all over. There is no doubt that I want to bike the whole thing.  Today I feel that this year is not the year I’ll be completing the route. As I mentioned above, my added weight is dragging me down and making this particular route no fun. I’m not sure of the specific route options near me, but I’d like to take the
nearest paved biking route that heads east.  Tomorrow, Friday, I should be able to check routes, download GPS data and make a plan.

This decision is tough, but after mulling it over for a week, I’m nearly 100% ready to leave the route on Saturday.  Tomorrow I’m taking a rest day after 8 days of biking. My attitude may change, but not likely.

Today’s route was alright.  Was 30ish miles through the lower hills. Views were the best near Ovando, especially since I was biking it later in the day and the sun light is a better color. The morning was very dark with storm clouds everywhere. Thought I would get poored on, but only a few sprinkles. Racked up some extra miles because I found a big sign saying the forest road was closed, so I biked back into town with the plan to do 83 to 200 then found out there is no shoulder on 83, so headed back to the dirt road to chance it. The huge bulldozer let me pass.

Checking out the cafe in the morning.  Planning on pancakes. Then some stretching sessions with a few doses of wifi.

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