July 19th, Lewis and Clarke East, Day 2

Biked 70 miles today. Might be my longest day ever. Did 50 miles by 4pm, then another spoke broke on my rear wheel causing me to slow down and get to 60 by 6pm. Got into camp around 7:15 at which point I made 70.

The first half of the trip to Simms was hillier than expected. I cruised up most of the hills in my 2nd granny gear, not the lowest. The smooth pavement really helps the hill climbing. Many of the hill climbs on the GDMBR had bumpy roads which really slows momentum.

On this first half I pushed my water further than ideal. I saw a few streams on the six mile very fast descent. Then there was nothing for another handful of miles till a medium sized river. I wanted to fill at this river. I had 2 bottles left and estimated I had 3 more hours to go. I like to drink at least 1 bottle an hour. There were two guys at the river and a beat up car. One of the guys was in the car and didn’t look all right with his face in his hands looking down at the floor mat. Situation made me uncomfortable. Why are they out there with no fishing gear in the early morning. Drug users on a trip? Two of them and one of me. Didn’t like it at all, and really didn’t want to get mugged or worse. All the streams after there till Simms are cow poop infested and disgusting. When I got to Simms, I used the outside water spigot at a church. Chilled there for an hour and drank 2 bottles of water and talked to my brother.

The second half went by quickly. Flat. Fun thing was stopping at a Lemonade and Brownie stand run by a handful of young kids. Based on the Brownie pan, I think I was customer 3. That food stand was the first open “store” in the last 40ish miles since Lincoln, and I had biked through a few “towns”. The first gas station was 70 miles, since Lincoln next to the on tamp to the interstate.

Spoke broke with about 15 miles left. Stopped and moved my rear bags up to the front. They really make stearing slow.

Camping at Dick’s RV was $19.50. They gave me a 10% discount without asking. Maybe they were taking pitty on the dirty wore out looking biker.

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