Out and Arround With a New Perspective

3:00PM came, and I’m a little antsy from staying inside and cleaning. I decide that I should go out while the sun is up and test the new fisheye lens again. I brought a few of my other lenses as well, but didn’t end up using them.

I get out of my apartment and have no clue where to go. The cemetery was interesting with my old camera near sun-down, and I head there.
1st Picture of the Riverview Cemetery, by Adam Bavier

2nd Picture of the Riverview Cemetery, by Adam Bavier

An HDR is always a requirement.
HDR Picture of the Riverview Cemetery, by Adam Bavier

Ooh where does that road lead to that goes down the hill? Over the bridge and to Concord street. I took a few pictures, but subject wise aren’t all that interesting. I’m a far ways away now, since I’ve been going down hill all this time. Time to make my way back.

I follow Concord back to a State street and take a few more pictures.
Elamanacer on Cesar Chavez, by Adam Bavier

There is this big mural on State and Cesar that I haven’t taken a picture of yet, so I snap a few.
Elamanacer on Cesar Chavez, by Adam Bavier

And the brick house on the corner, all stately and strong watching over me progress up the hill.
Brick House, by Adam Bavier

I hope you found my walk today most interesting and from a new perspective. A lot more long excursions are in my future as I train for some planned hiking and biking trips occurring this summer.

Reindeer Lights in Saint Paul

This reindeer scene was was an interesting setup with the lighted fence and tree around them. I made this into a high dynamic range image, since I couldn’t get the fence, tree, and grass exposed as I wanted without having the reindeer being blown out. This was taken with 9 differently exposed images and then merged together.

Bokeh Lights,  all rights reserved

Santa By The Tree

I helped the parents hang the lights on two of the large pine trees in the yard after Thanksgiving. It is a little early for Santa to be present with presents, but hey if we don’t set him out now then photos can’t be taken of him. I’m sure the whole light setup would look empty also.

Santa By The Tree,  all rights reserved