Christmas Lights By The Flag Pole

People have already put up a bunch of Christmas lights around me. Thanksgiving must signal that it is time. I captured this image of a small house down the street from me sporting a basic, but well done light setup:

Christmas Lights By The Flag Pole by Adam Bavier  all rights reserved

Edit: This image was made from 9 separately exposed images and processed in Photomatix to make an HDR. The house number and some light flare were removed.

HDR On A Few Flowers

Took a bunch of flower shots over the weekend, and thought some of them needed a little bit of something to match what I was seeing out there.  I decided to mess around in Photomatix a bit and ended up with the below.  With the shallow depth of field the Photomatix logo really sticks out!  Because of the resizing the image has become softer, so click on the image for a larger view; I’m considering sharpening the smaller images in the future.

Blue Flower
Blue Flower
White Cone Flowers
White Cone Flowers

Daily Update: MN State Capitol

Went out for a walk to the Minnesota State Capitol during lunch.  It was nice since there were actually clouds in the sky today.  I really should be out there right now as the sun is going down!  I ended up masking out the fuchsia colored flowers in Gimp to keep them as originally taken, since they were already blurred they looked way out of wack after processing in Photomatix.


MN State Capitol by Adam Bavier
MN State Capitol, by Adam Bavier