Light Trails on Interstate 94 in Maple Grove, MN

Went out today with the goal of getting another shot taken on my Holga 120 wide pinhole camera. I’m working on the finishing up the first roll of film in it. I really wanted some light trails on the interstate with a nice blue sky after the sunset. I drove along the beat-up road to my favorite bridge just outside the city. Went to pull off the road onto the snowy side to safely park my car, only to have the “OH SHOOT I’M STUCK” feeling. Slowly reversed, slowly pulled forward and SUCCESS. After that close call, I couldn’t find a safe spot, so ended up parking half a mile away in a business parking lot and walking back. Pulled out the Holga WPC, and was disappointed in the composition. Looked through my digital camera, and liked what I saw.

After 20 minutes, I even had a nice police officer stop by. Investigating a tip called in. He confirmed I wasn’t doing anything illegal, which I was understandably relieved with.

Exciting day!

For more pictures of Maple Grove’s water towers please see my post Maple Grove’s Water Towers; it includes two image galleries filled with pictures.

Solar Eclipse 2012 – Maple Grove, MN

Maximum Solar Eclipse Point 2012 in Maple Grove MN by_Adam J Bavier
Point of maximum solar eclipse at 8:19PM in Maple Grove, MN


A solar eclipse occurred on May 20th, 2012. These photographs were taken from Maple Grove, MN so the eclipse was only a partial solar eclipse and not the annular (ring of sun) that some fortunate individuals got to witness in other places.

The below gallery has a few photographs of the cool U-shaped shadows that the partial eclipse creates.

I’m very happy that I witnessed this cool event.

Maple Grove Water Tower Lit by Flash

I live near one of the two water towers in Maple Grove, MN, and it is a frequent photography subject of mine.   Click here to read about both of the water towers.

Today I ventured out in the unseasonably warm Minnesota weather and approached photographing the water tower in a different manner.  I used flash for the first time.  Specifically, three flashes located off camera to the right.  Look below the photo for more details.
Maple Grove, MN water tower lit by flash.  By Adam Bavier.
I used three flashes located off camera to the right. Two flashes were directly on the water tower operating at 100%, and one flash was lighting the grass at 25% power. A fourth on camera flash was used as a commander to trigger the other three flashes. This was mostly an experiment to see if I could light the whole thing. Taken at F/2.8, ISO 640, 1/2 second hand held. I used a longer exposure, so that a bit of color from the parking lot lights would creep in and make it not so stale looking and so that the clouds came out a bit.

Great September Day

September 25th 2011 was a great day. Weather was perfect. The clouds evenly distributed themselves over the entire sky. The wind carried the clouds briskly enough that the sun poked through every minute or so.

The leaves on the Sumac trees have changed colors already. I’m looking forward to all the Maple trees turning red and orange soon.

Maple Grove MN bike path in late September by Adam Bavier

Walking through the neighborhood on my way to the bike path.  By Adam Bavier