Daily Update: HDR Image

Took my camera out tonight and shot a few photos.  At first my camera wasn’t working well, since it is starting to fritz on me by zooming in and out by itself.  Eventually this went away and I was able to take a few shots.

I stumbled across Stuck In Customs again for the nth time by accident.  Have always been amazed by the images he takes and then post process with his HDR technique.  Decided I’d try part of the process with a set of 3 images I took of a cool orange motorcycle.

My scene isn’t the best candidate since it is mostly evenly lit.  Anyways, I loaded the 3 images up in Photomatix and ended up liking this:

1st try at HDR
1st try at HDR. Click on the image for larger view.
Original image.
Original image.

 I have also been reading a lot about DSLR cameras over the last couple days.  I know enough about photography that my current camera(Fuji S7000)  is starting to limit me.  Specifically looking at the Nikon D90 and D300.  The D300 gets me a sturdier body, better menu layout and control buttons, more than 3 images when bracketing, better IQ, and some weather proofing.  Also been looking at the Tokina 12-24mm wide angle lens and then trying to figure out what 1 or 2 other lenses I should pair with it.  It is amazing how the lenses can cost more than the cameras.  I guess it makes sense, since a bad lens produces poor images and it’s all about the images!  I need to get to a store and hold these things. 

Anyone have any suggestions on an additional 2 lenses — 2 zooms or 1 zoom and a prime?  Would like to get up to a comparable zoom like I have on my current camera of around 200mm.