June 6th

Right away in the morning on the 2nd road trip day we visited the Theodore Roosevelt rest stop. There are nice views on the walkway behind the information buildings.

We setup my one tire tubeless again. Had to try 2 gas stations till we found one with a powerful enough air hose.

After the gas station we hiked in Makoshika. We took the trail that leaves the first campground on the left as you enter the park. Nice 2ish mile loop. Gorgeous overlooks of the park.

Lastly we drove on and made it to the Nelson Recreation area in Montana. So so buggy. Mosquitos were a dense fog. Not fun. We ate dinner in the van.

June 5th

To start off my 2015 bike tour my parents were generous enough to drop me were I wanted to start. The plan was to pack all my stuff and bike into the van and get me out somewhere that I could bike and make it to Banff by July 1st.

The first day of driving we made it to Schnell Recreation area west of Theodore Roosevelt park. Had to stop at Walmart and pick up Gorilla tape and wheel sealent because my rear wheel sprang a major leak (due to using the clear scotch duct tape). All this made us not teach the original destination Makoshika.

Night was fished of with veggie pizza pockets.

You can watch my location on this tour in real time at my InReach MapShare tracking page. Paddword:bike