Great September Day

September 25th 2011 was a great day. Weather was perfect. The clouds evenly distributed themselves over the entire sky. The wind carried the clouds briskly enough that the sun poked through every minute or so.

The leaves on the Sumac trees have changed colors already. I’m looking forward to all the Maple trees turning red and orange soon.

Maple Grove MN bike path in late September by Adam Bavier

Walking through the neighborhood on my way to the bike path.  By Adam Bavier

West of Hayden Lake Road West

I love those partly cloudy days where the sky is a deep blue and there are nicely dispersed clouds overhead. Just wonderful.

The below pictures were taken on Elm Creek Park Reserve’s 10 mile north loop just west of where the trail crosses Hayden Lake Rd. W. All the winter snow has recently melted, and the first blades of grass are coming up.
Bike Path in Elm Creek Park Reserve Near Hayden Lake Road.

Twisted tree near the trail.
Twisted tree near the trail.