Drawing: Sedum

This is the first drawing I’ve put on this site. One of the first scanned in, so I felt it should get posted. I’m going to try photographing another drawing and see how the presentation visually compares to scanning it.

I did this drawing of a Sedum in 2008 with crayons. This isn’t the best example, but crayons can be layered and the colors melded together and some really nice things can be made. I hope to show that in some future postings.

Flowers have always been my favorite subject to draw. One of the first I can remember, is a drawing of a Tiger Lilly that I made at my Aunt’s house one summer. I have to laugh because I only drew 1 of the many flowers on it because I was going to have it look just like those flower reference manuals. So silly. I’m sure I still have it somewhere, if I find it I’ll post it.

One of the ideas I’ve been entertaining in my head is to work on my drawing skills as a way to improve and compliment my photography. Some good ideas and additional technique may rub off. It will happen.

Sedum, by Adam Bavier -- made with crayons