Light Trails on Interstate 94 in Maple Grove, MN

Went out today with the goal of getting another shot taken on my Holga 120 wide pinhole camera. I’m working on the finishing up the first roll of film in it. I really wanted some light trails on the interstate with a nice blue sky after the sunset. I drove along the beat-up road to my favorite bridge just outside the city. Went to pull off the road onto the snowy side to safely park my car, only to have the “OH SHOOT I’M STUCK” feeling. Slowly reversed, slowly pulled forward and SUCCESS. After that close call, I couldn’t find a safe spot, so ended up parking half a mile away in a business parking lot and walking back. Pulled out the Holga WPC, and was disappointed in the composition. Looked through my digital camera, and liked what I saw.

After 20 minutes, I even had a nice police officer stop by. Investigating a tip called in. He confirmed I wasn’t doing anything illegal, which I was understandably relieved with.

Exciting day!

For more pictures of Maple Grove’s water towers please see my post Maple Grove’s Water Towers; it includes two image galleries filled with pictures.